Thrive 9 Spine & Planner + t9 app
"Ditch the diet dogma and learn how to educate your clients on how to sustain weight loss through HEALTH GAIN!"

Christine Skrypzak  and  Stephanie Everett

Thrive 9 Program outcomes:

Fat Loss

Your clients are more than just a number on the scale.  Their progress includes, inches lost & energy gained.  It also effects your bottom line and client satisfaction.

Real Food

Junk food equals junk mood.  By establishing a real food habit, your clients will not only look better, they will feel better.  


The human body is designed to move, but movement only accounts for 20% of your client's evolution.  Change the narrative from reward or punishment to pleasure and ability.


This is the sum of all the moving parts of the Thrive 9 program.  It's your clients living longer, felling happier, and arriving at their natural set point weight.

Patient on Scale

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