What is the

Thrive 9 Spine & Planner?

Thrive 9 is a personalized, holistic blueprint to optimize health & wellness.  The signature t9 app helps your clients track their progress and program healthy behavioral patterns into their daily life.  What is unique about the program is that your clients are only implementing or tweaking 9 microhabits. Tiny habits that produce BIG results!

Lifestyle optimization:  Thrive 9 meets your clients where they are at by slowly modifying and upgrading their existing lifestyle.  The transition is smooth and nondisruptive to their overscheduled, filled-to-the-brim life.


Varying intensity levels & pace:  The Spine & Planner sets your clients up for success by helping them track their progress while also allowing for variation in intensity, adjusting for life to come at life speed.


Fat-loss is ALL encompassing:  Your clients results are maximized when all 9 micro habits are being implemented. 


Remember, your clients cannot out workout a poor diet.  Your patients health cannot continue to decline because they keep failing at rigid diets.  Thrive 9 is the foundation that will have your clients hitting their goals faster, and they'll thank YOU for it!  

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