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You can't reach your goals without an easy, actionable plan, that's what the Thrive 9 Spine and Planner + t9 app is all about.

I had just turned 50. Disgusted with the 20lbs I had put back on after losing 30. My old tricks were not working and I started trying ever diet shake, supplement, low carb diet etc but nothing was working. After my first conversation with Christine I knew Thrive 9 was different and I was willing to take a chance. Since joining the class I have lost 20 bs and 25 inches. I am no longer in a sugar fog. I feel fantastic and fit! I never thought I would say I feel fit.

/// Barb Reynolds

I have some news to share, Stephanie! After the retreat, and living the Thrive 9 lifestyle, I made many changes to the food I bring into the house. I also started planning meals for two weeks at a time in the Spine & Planner. This helps with the daily struggle of what to make. It also saves on food waste thereby money waste. These steps have been beneficial for my whole family. My hubs went to the Doctor for a routine check and he had lost 20 pounds!

 /// M.T. 

Living the Thrive 9 lifestyle, I feel better and I don’t get sick. Gone are the recurring sinus infections and yearly flues. No more calorie counting or two hour gym workouts that did nothing but make me tired, hungry, and crabby... Depending on the clothing brand – I went from a size 10 to a size 4, and I lost 20 inches!

/// Paula P.

/// Johana Rock

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